JTS: War on the Southern Front

I know nothing about the Battle for Greece in 1941 despite owning the CO title Battles for Greece.So when I purchased  John Tiller Software's "War on the Southern Front" a division level strategic game which covers the Mediterranean combat from 1940-43 I decided to finally jump in with both feet and try some of the Greek scenarios the game offers.

The Greek forces while numerous are weak formations compared to their more powerful British counterparts and they are definitely no match for the German formations.  They rely instead on a series of fortified lines stretching across mountain ranges.  Why they didn't build forts in the flat interior along the major rivers around Thessaloniki (shown above) is questionable.

What's more I've already abandoned a third of the forts in order to prevent my weaker Greek formations from being cuttoff by German attacks against my lines north and east of Thessaloniki.  So far I've held the Germans back but at a ridiculous cost in men and equipment but that won't last forever.

A Blog Update 

I had a hard drive crash last week that wiped out some of my CO projects including: The Lonsdale Force, my Sevastopol map and my "Take the bridge" scenario.  I think out of these three, I will probably only try to redo the Lonsdale Force.

I am working on two new scenarios for Command Ops: another one set in Tunisia and an Eastern Front scenario for the fighting south of Leningrad during Operation Barbarossa.