Heavy Command Ops Losses

I've recently been working on a number of scenarios for Command Ops.  In a playtest of one scenario I had the following units destroyed, surrendered or disbanded.  In terms of Western Front fighting, where it takes place, I don't think I've ever suffered so many unit losses in one battle (31 between the Axis and Allies).

German losses
1 Plt I Bn 712 Gren Inf Regt
1 Coy I Bn 712 Gren Inf Regt
Flak 38 Plt I Bn 100 Pz Regt
416 Pioneer Bn HQ
2 Coy 125 Panzerjager Bn
2 Coy 119th Pioneer Bn 19th VGD
Lt Flak Bty I Bn
2 Coy 416 Pioneer Bn
2 MG Coy Fortress MG Bn 54
1 HW Plt MG Bn 54
Flak Plt I Bn 119th PG Regt

American Losses
B Troop 3rd Cav Recon Squadron
M8 Plt II Bn 61 Armored Inf Regt
B Coy 54 Armored Inf Regt
M8 Plt II Bn 54 Armored Inf Regt
C Coy 54 Armored Inf Regt
A Coy 54 Armored Inf Regt
C Coy 21st Tank Bn
E Trp 3rd Cav Squadron
F Coy 43rd Cav Squadron
A Troop 3rd Cav Recon Squadron
1 Plt Coy B 55 Armored Engineer Bn
B Coy 3rd Tank Bn
2 Plt Coy B 55 Armored Inf Regt
C Coy 609th TD Bn
3rd Plt D Coy 609th TD Bn
C Coy 3rd Tank Bn
Team Standish HQ
C Coy 11th Tank Bn
B Coy 61 Armored Inf Regt
1 Plt B Coy 609th TD Bn

Anyone else ever see a list of destroyed units like this in a CO scenario?


Peter Winship said…
Which scenario, Chris?
Chris said…
Hi Peter. This is a scenario I am working on that covers 10th US Armored Divisions push into Germany. There is a phenomenal amount of artillery present and I think that is part of the reason why losses are so high.
Peter Winship said…
I posted a short AAR from my attempt at Race for Bastogne, playing as Axis, recently. The Allies (the AI) kept their front-line troops in place and they were very quickly surrounded, cut-off and destroyed. there was a massive list of surrendered, disbanded or destroyed units. Somewhat similar. I think the AI holds on where it wouldn't in real life, and this helps produce such effects. But it's what we've asked for, over the years, I think. It doesn't 'look' right if you get an engagement and the side on the receiving end just pulls back as soon as it takes casualties. In fact, it's not so very long ago that I complained about tank units of about 10 tanks retreating (or even routing) as soon as two tanks were knocked out. Yet this probably reflected the real life caution that commanders would probably exercise.
Peter Winship said…
But you're right, the arty can massacre very effectively. No doubt about that.
Chris said…
I will have to try that scenario Peter. I can't remember if I have played it.

This scenario I am working on is a lot of fun. Hopefully it will go live soon.

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