Command Ops North Africa: "Looking for Rommel" 1943 Is Available for Download

The 10th Panzer Division grapples with the American 1st Infantry division over the vital crossroads town of Gafsa, Tunisia.
Feriana, Tunisia: The U.S II Corps under General Patton is moving east towards the German flank on the Mareth Line. Having recovered much of the ground lost after the disaster at Kasserine pass they are racing forward under two columns. The southerly column, the 1st US Infantry division, has been given the goal of seizing the vital crossroads town of Gafsa. The second column, 1st Armored's CCA under General Ward has been tasked with seizing Sened Station, Maknassy and then the airfield at Mezzouna.

Patton has been chomping at the bit to engage the Germans again. He's frustrated that his 1st Army commander, the British General Alexander, has left him out in the cold from the real fighting along the Mareth Line but he is determined to make the best of it.

After holding forth with a gaggle of reporters over cigars and Viennese steaks, Patton proclaims he is looking for Rommel. The next day the reports come in from Gafsa. A German reconnaissance battalion has been seen taking up positions in the town. Arabs fleeing the town have reported that it is the German 10th Panzer Division, the same unit that had whipped the Americans at Kasserine...

"Looking for Rommel" is available here --->;

You will also need my .279 estab file which can be found here:

A special thanks to Doug at Cry Havoc for playtesting this scenario multiple times to help me get the force mixture right.

Note: This is a fictional scenario.  Also, I still need to update the signature files but I might not be able to get to these until this evening. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this first scenario of 3 set in Tunisia.

The El Guettar map is used for this scenario. The Maknassy map in the folder is for the next scenario.


Peter Winship said…
Is it the same estab as for your EF scenarios, Chris, including the platoon level ones? I can just replace the Ef estab files I already have in there with these new ones and everything will work?

Chris said…
Hi Peter. Yes it is the same estab file.