The Battle Of Grossbeeren Rages On

Doug at Cry Havoc and I have been engaging in the 44 turn PBEM Battle of Grossbeeren as part of the Campaign Leipzig title from John Tiller Software.  It isn't going my way as the Allies but I have been enjoying it quite a lot as I learn the game.

It is early evening and the fighting is raging (Turn 37 of 44).  Doug has managed to seize the center of the battlefield and form this horseshoe shaped defensive position around two of the most important objectives. His shorter interior lines and superb positioning around the town and in the woods to the east have kept my Prussian, Swedish and Russian army at bay.

Further west on the extreme left flank of the French army, my late engaging Russian army is driving on a French position around one of the western objectives.  

A screenshot of the fighting in the woods on the French right flank. Coordinating movement between artillery, line infantry, skirmishers and cavalry is the critical.  I've chosen to move my infantry in first and position my artillery behind them as I am pressed on time.  Had I more time, I think I would have pounded the woods some more before sending my infantry forward.  Regardless the fighting is back and forth here.  I have numerical superiority but the woods are a great equalizer!


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