Command Ops Platoons: "Take The Bridge" Screenshot

"Take the Bridge" is the first tactical level scenario I ever created. It simulates 5 Coy II Bn 103rd PG Regt's probe of the Mius River bridge in the lead up to the 14th Panzer Division's attack on the Mius defense line and the port city of Taganrog beyond it.  It's a fictional scenario.  I traced a Google Earth screenshot for the terrain. I am going to release it later this week. I am just finishing up a scenario briefing for it.  It is tiny like the Komarovka scenario.  


Shastar said…
Are you making an update version of "Objective Taganrog 1941" ? Or this scenario is new ?

If it possible, can you specify on your download page when a version is updated or not ! Sometimes, i found it's difficult to see it cleary.

Have a nice day
Chris said…
Hi Shastar. Taganrog is updated through version .279 of the game.

You can find the link here:

The scenario pictured here is new. It is a tactical level scenario involving a small German Kampgruppe vs a Soviet Rifle Coy.
Peter Winship said…
Look forward to this one, Chris. Liked the Komorovka scale, so this should be fun. Many things to distract you from Africa!
Phil said…
Nice one Chris. I haven't had a chance to start it yet as I've got my teeth stuck into Graviteam Tactics Operation Star. I look forward to your posts on this.

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