Command Ops Platoons: The Station Is Available For Download (Updated)

Soldiers of the 28th Maori Bn prepare to go into action at Cassino, Italy.
Just before midnight on Feb 17th, 1943 the 28th Maori Bn of the 2nd New Zealand Division crept along an elevated railway embankment into the center of Cassino town to seize the Train Station.  Behind them engineers scrambled to bridge the flooded Rapido river before first light.  If all went according to plan the 28th would seize their objectives and hold on until armor reinforcements arrived later the next day.

The plan failed...Can you change history?

My Platoons level version of this attack is available for download.  For the first time I've included Favor Axis and Favor Allies reinforcement options in addition to the Standard reinforcement schedule for both sides.

To download this scenario please click here:

Scenario Note:  This scenario covers the Maori attack and the 24 hour period they tried to hold the Train Station for.  By 6pm though, the Maoris were forced to withdraw as the engineers were unable to bridge the Rapido after having come under heavy fire from the heights above Cassino.

I have not included the armor reinforcement phase of the historical operation as it did not happen.  For me this scenario has been particularly challenging.  I've been unable to produce a victory and my best result is a draw.


Phil said…
Hi Chris.

I want to download this and give it a try. I have Command Ops Battle Of The Bulge and HTTR. Will i be able to play it with this?
Chris said…
Hi Phil it will work. You need to download the estab file as well and place the signature files in the graphics/scenario/default file folder
Phil said…
I have put the sig files in the folder you said. Now sorry to be such a noob where or what do i do with the estab file?
Phil said…
Oh man. Your gonna have to instruct me on the whole thing. So sorry.
Chris said…
No problem Phil.

Place the estab files in the estab folder. Place the map files into the maps folder and place the scenario file into the my scenarios folder (this is a subfolder of the scenarios folder).

You will also need to make sure you have version .279 of the BftB base game.

If you don't have it, you can download it here:
Phil said…
Thanks Chris. Sorry to mess you around.
Chris said…
No problem Phil! It can be confusing and it took no time for me to respond so don't worry about it. I hope you enjoy it. It is a very tough nut that i haven't cracked.
Phil said…
All working and ready to go. :) looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into this.

Chris i know it's a pain in the butt me asking you this. Whenever you may find yourself with a bit of free time (i know i know) Could you play a Command Ops scenario and and perhaps go through the way you approach the game in a few steps. I'm not asking for a whole walk-through it's hard enough as it is but say 1 day of game time or less. It would be great to see how you approach playing in terms of time scale in real time etc. I hope that makes sense. If not please just tell me to get lost i will perfectly understand. :)
Chris said…
Hi Phil. Sure I will work up a post. I am by no means anywhere close to being an expert at this game. so take whatever I write with a grain of salt!

The Station and the other tactical scale scenarios I've worked on all play very differently from the base game. If you are intrigued by the scale, check out crossing the dnieper 1943 and kekava firefight. The maps are slightly bigger and the play balance is really good I think.
Phil said…
Thanks Chris and of course no time pressure at all even if it means next year etc. I aint going anywhere :)

It will be interesting to hear your thought processes as to why you do such and such a move and what sort of timescale you take to do a scenario.
Peter Winship said…
Great little scenario, Chris. great scale - can keep accurate, detailed track of all units easily. It's a challenging play through too. Haven't done better than a minor victory so far. Many thanks for putting it together. Much appreciated.

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