Command Ops North Africa: Looking for Rommel Update

Looking for Rommel is a fictional scenario simulating a meeting engagement between the US 1st Inf Division and the German 10th Panzer Division at the crossroads town of Gafsa, Tunisia.

The scenario is done and I am playtesting it, as is Doug at Cry Havoc.  It should be posted live within the next 48 hours.


LOS matters in the desert. Make sure you grab the high ground and shelter your troops from artillery in the low places.

I have 3 reinforcement schedules for each side to add some variety.

Taking the abandoned Italian entrenchments position on DJ Orbata is going to max out fatigue levels. Oh and German 10th Panzer makes sure they are never abandoned :)

The white terrain features represent sand dunes.

I need to replace the signature files still.

My best result so far.  The American objectives are listed to the left.


Anonymous said…
very cool!!
I'm eager to play it!!
thank you!!!!
Doug Miller said…
It's a fun scenario, and as usual for Chris' work, challenging. I think I paid more attention to detail in this scenario that any other CO scenario I've played.