Western Front Platoons - The Station - Screenshot - UPDATED

A very early run through of my first Western Front Platoons level scenario. That's the 28th Maori battalion of New Zealand's 2nd Division assaulting the Train Station in Cassino, Italy on Feb 17th, 1944.
Some additional screenshots from a second playthrough last evening:

A company for the 28th Maori starts out moving along an elevated railway embankment above the flooded plain.

Fighting for the Round House objective.  

4th Plt, B Company managed to get into the ruins of Cassino but could not hold the Train Station objective.

Final review screen. It was a marginal defeat for the Maoris.  German forces lost over 100 casualties while the Maoris lost 55.


Peter Winship said…
Great! I want it!! Excellent Chris. You never stop! When this be done? IN fact, when will:
1. The Riga normal level scenarios be available?
2. The African normal level scenarios be available?
3. The Lonsdale force platoon scenario be available?
4. And this new one - from Italy, platoon level?

Chris said…
Hi Peter. Riga will be done tonight. I will update the files and post them here.

If I had to guess, Africa will be done after this Cassino one. So I would say Cassino maybe by the weekend, NAfrica the week after that. Lonsdale in mid august.

"The Station" is a platoon level scenario.
Peter Winship said…
Look forward to all of them, Chris. Thanks