Ultimate General: Arriving at Gettysburg Screenshots

This is the early version of Ultimate General: Gettysburg available for $10 on Steam.  I am replaying the intro scenario "Arriving at Gettysburg"so I can take a look at the changes in the second patch for the game.  A big change was the addition of contour lines and elevation markers.  This was a popular request and a big improvement imo.  You can also toggle elevation on and off.
Reynolds 1st Corps arrives on the field for the Union army. I've decided to form a second line closer to the town of Gettysburg while Buford engages the Confederates further west of town.

I've pushed Cutler's brigade from Reynolds Corps forward to cover the withdrawal of Buford's dismounted skirmishers.  the arrows represent actual movement.  You can also see their range.

Pettigrew's brigade of North Carolinians are pushing forward against the Iron Brigade.

An overview of the battlefield. The Confederate artillery has formed a "Grand Battery" Napoleon style in the center of their attack.  Using the terrain to screen their movement, Buford's Videttes and Gamble's skirmishers appear on the northern flank of my line and quickly send Pettigrew packing.
I am enjoying this game, especially for $10!  Check out Steam for more information!


RJL said…
A friend demo'ed an earlier version of this a few weeks ago. I thought it was cute, a bit fast, but nothing to write home about. But this topographical scheme is something else entirely...gorgeous. I think I might have to pick this up.
Chris said…
RJL I am enjoying it more. My big issue with the game is depth. It can get very repetitive. Would be fun to play multiplayer.

Chris said…
And thanks for reading!