My Best Hour Today Was Spent Planning For A Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm Scenario

Hell's Crossroad.
I spent my lunch break looking at the map above and did nothing else. I love the planning aspects of this game. I still haven't plotted my units.  There are a lot of layers to think about in this great game.

Doug at Cry Havoc has posted a great blog post here about battlefield preparation and if you are curious about the results of his planning read more here.  I really encourage you to read them!


Doug Miller said…
It's this part that leads me to enjoy FPC:RS over even Command Ops. It's tough to make the same sort of plans in CO because you don't have the same setup control you do in FPC:RS.

OTOH, the CO scenarios are generally longer, and you do have time to maneuver units into position to execute a plan in many cases.
Chris said…
Hi Doug. I agree that this is better than CO in some ways. For me I think it will always depend on how much in the weeds I want to get with my gaming.

I like CO because I can manage it top down and not worry about LOS as much, troop disposition, etc.

But when I want to get in the weeds a little more this will be my go-to-game. I like this much more than I like Combat Mission for instance.

After I play one or two more times I am going to tackle the editor I think and see if I can't create something that's playable.