Fortress Riga 1944 Campaign Patched To Version .279

Soviet troops advancing in Latvia outside of Riga.

I've patched Fortress Riga to version .279 of the Command Ops Engine.  You can download the new files here.

There are two scenarios included:  "Bridges at Kekava" and "To the Daugeva."

If you are interested in playing these scenarios you will need to add the map file and map cache to your maps folder (both scenarios use the same map).  The Estab file and XML file to your Estabs folder and the two scenarios to your "My Scenarios" folder.


Peter Winship said…
Thanks Chris. Is it the same estab that I'm using for Taganrog?
Chris said…
Yes it should be same
Peter Winship said…
Cheers. Works great. Thanks again.

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