Command Ops Platoons Screenshot: The Lonsdale Force - 1944

This is the Lonsdale Force. It is a Platoons level scenario that I never released simulating 1st Bde, 1st Airborne's stalled drive along the Lion Route in Arnhem. That is the recon element of SS KG Spindler engaging them.
Thanks to some encouragement in the forums I have started converting the maps and scenarios I have made to version .279 (the latest official update).  This is a screenshot of the Lonsdale Force a Platoons level scenario I set aside back in May.  I am focused on the desert scenarios right now but when I return to platoons level scenarios this will be next I think.

For more on the Lonsdale Force click here.


Peter Winship said…
Looks fascinating! Hope you get round to releasing it. I'm really into the platoon scenarios. Eagerly awaiting the African scenarios too though. All great work, and much appreciated. I realise how much time this must take. Your maps are really looking great now, moving from being more schematic (which was also fine) to more detailed. The African maps look extremely accomplished.
Chris said…
Hi Peter. Thanks for the comments! I will try a run through this week and then work on the scenario briefings and backgrounds. The force lists are complete. I am just not sure about the play balance.

As for North Africa, thanks for mentioning it. The Maknassy map is done but the Italian estab force is taking some time. I am borrowing from COTA but it is a grind.

I am redoing the El Guettar map as I wasn't happy with it. The scenario for that though is done. It is very different and challenging.

Line of sight is so much different in the desert. Following the elevation contours seems key and getting them right on the map is critical I think.

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