Commands and Colors: Napoleonics

The GMT Games cover for Command and Colors Napoleonics.
I have been playing a lot of Ultimate General Gettysburg recently. I like it but not as much as I like Scourge of War: Gettysburg. SOW is the ultimate civil war game.

For a few months, I thought Histwar: Les Grognards was the best Napoleonic computer game on the market but a confusing UI, a language barrier with the French developer and some historical mistakes I can't get past in the title have had me second guessing it.  So much so, that I started a card based Napoleonic warfare game called Regiment just to get my Napoleonic fix

Yesterday I purchased Commands and Colors: Napoleonics with some birthday money I received from my in-laws in another attempt to find the ultimate Napoleonic experience.  I've read good things about the game and know it is a staple among the tabletop gaming community.  It should arrive on Wednesday according to Amazon so expect some tabletop gaming posts very soon.


Doug Miller said…
Very cool, Chris. I suspect you're really going to enjoy that!

I'm a bit stymied right now, in that I need to get a gaming table together for my boardgame adventures. I really want it near my computers so I can look stuff up, but it's crammed enough in here already!
Chris said…
Thanks Doug! I am looking forward to it. I understand the problem. Same thoughts here. I am looking for a spot where I can spread out this game without having to pick it up. I actually think this game will sit atop the dog crate in my office! Its a big crate thankfully.

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