C&C: "The French First Position at Rolica," Wellington arrives in Portugal

Rolica: French First Position, August 1808. I grabbed this photo off of the internet.  I still need to apply the stickers to the game blocks. 

I received my copy of Commands and Colors: Napoleonics yesterday and I am about half way through the 24 page rulebook. The components are well made and the rules straightforward enough.

I had read somewhere that Richard Borg games like this one or Memoir 44 have simple rule systems to increase playability and so far I would tend to agree.

The starter scenario covers the initial French position at Rolica just NW of the village. My hope is to play through it tonight.  I am super excited by the prospect of it.

Wellington's command of the Anglo-Portugese Army of Portugal is one of my favorite periods of the Napoleonic wars. To have a game that simulates a number of these battles in such a playable way is very exciting.

Speaking of games and the way they are designed, Grogheads.com posted this interview with game designer Uwe Eickert. It is a fascinating read about the way he approaches game creation and his attempt to apply science and psychology to it.


Doug Miller said…
You and JC are making me want to line up the boys and fire volleys...
Chris said…
Indeed Doug! Nice change of pace.

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