Ultimate General: Gettysburg Too Fast?

I've not purchased the early access game yet so I can't speak to the speed issue directly yet.  I did vote to greenlight this game however because I had hopes it would be a more polished version of Scourge of War. Already though there is quite a bit of discussion about the speed of the game.

You can read the comments in the Steam game forum here.  Many players feel the game progresses too quickly, units break too quickly, lacks immersion because of the speed issues, etc.

I still plan on purchasing the game for myself today or tomorrow and will blog about it here. If you are considering the game I encourage you to read about it in the forums.


Doug Miller said…
Holding off a bit on this one, I think. It has some interesting features, but I'm not sure it's my kind of game. I did watch a "Let's Play" last night that has me reconsidering a little...we'll see how the title shapes up. I'm more interested in the sort of command experience presented by Scourge of War, but I do get that HITS isn't for everyone!
Chris said…
Bought it today. Plan on trying tonight

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