JTCS - First Blood - Turn 5

I am essentially one third of the way through the scenario.  The Polish troops west of the objectives have retreated or been eliminated and my armor is through the village AT gun roadblock they had set up.

My plan is to attack Gross-Klonia from four different directions simultaneously.  From the S, I will attack with one infantry company supported by one armor company; from the SE I will attack with one motorcycle company; along the main road from the W, I will attack with one infantry company supported by two heavy weapons platoons as well as a company of tanks; and finally from the N with a company of tanks.

By the time I move my forces into position, I expect I will have 8-9 turns to conduct the attack.  I am worried about time but less so than I was on turn 3 when I was bogged down along the main road.

Up until this point I had also not bothered to read the supply rules and worry about positioning my HQ units but now flash messages are showing my forward units have been unable to be supplied.  So I am also consolidating my positions.

German infantry units are mopping up retreating Polish forces they have trapped in the village while my armor units are bypassing them to the east.  The four Polish objectives are off screen to the east.