JTCS - First Blood - Turn 3

So far, my attack in the center has been stalled by two 37mm AT Guns and some supporting Polish cavalry platoons.  I've deployed an Engineer platoon, a number of tanks and two IG guns to break through here.  

In the south my reconnaissance with my motorcycle units has struck a minefield and disrupted one of my units.  The second unit though has bypassed the field and is closing in on the Polish left flank.  The Polish objectives are between 2-4 km away now.  

You can see the armor reinforcements I've received on turn 3 on the left edge of this screen.  I am purposefully holding them back.  I've moved an engineer platoon supported by a tank unit to assault the 37mm position south of the road.  The northern AT gun was eliminated by my own 37mm gun, some tank fire from a PZ IV and an airstrike!

My flanking manuever to the north and south seem to be working so far.  The flanks are relatively unprotected and I've been able to move around the bottleneck the Poles have setup along the main road into Gross-Klonia.  I am beginning to wonder though if I will be able to move my reinforcement units along the dirt roads and make sufficient time to launch a major attack from the south or the north.  Or would it be better to open up the center road at great cost and then attack down the middle with my reinforcing units (I've kept them out of combat so far).

I feel like I am constantly running against the clock when I am playing this game.

Next turn I am going to make a concerted effort to eliminate the AT gun the Poles have setup south of the road and also attempt to move Major Masky's reinforcing units along the southern dirt road.  I am going to hold them out of sight of the Polish units guarding their objectives and then hit them as my attack along the main road begins on Gross-Klonia.  I am anticipating this will occur on turn 6 or 7.

To the north my flanking armor is tangling with some Polish cavalry units guarding a ford there about 3kms NW of Gross-Klonia.  I will continue to push these units forward.


Doug Miller said…
Don't forget to assault! Use fire to suppress (disrupt) units and then assault the disrupted defenders with the freshest combination of units you can throw at them, particularly if they're fortified.

Kind of fun to think about the movement routes, forces tangling on the flank of the main engagement, etc. isn't it?
Chris said…
It is fun. Much different game. Minefield was a real surprise. So used to playing games without them!