JTCS - First Blood - First Screenshot

Doug at Cry Havoc has a full AAR of this John Tiller Campaign Series scenario set in Poland.  After completing three of the tutorials, I decided to play this too.  One of my reasons is because there are so many scenarios to choose from I didn't know where to start!  The other is that it is set in the Eastern Front.

I will try to also do a full AAR for this scenario when I am done.  It's bigger and more complex than the tutorials so I am interested in seeing how it progresses and how much time it takes.

Extreme zoomed out 3D view.  The scenario objectives are clustered around the town of Gross-Klonia on the extreme eastern edge of the map.  I am playing as the Germans.
My plan for this attack is to use my motorcycle platoons in a reconnaissance role. I've sent three forward.  One down the main road, another to the north using a dirt track in the hope of finding a smoother axis of attack against the objectives and one along the southern dirt track at the bottom of the screen.  I am contemplating establishing a blocking force in the center and then attacking the objectives from the flanks.  

If I can bypass the forward deployed Soviet forces I will.  Looking forward to playing this out.


Doug Miller said…
Did you download the 2.0 patch? Your UI looks different than mine.
Chris said…
Hey Doug. I have not. Forgot about that! Will do.