JTCS - Crossing the Mius - Scenario Development

Doug at Cry Havoc turned me onto John Tiller's Campaign Series a couple of weeks ago.  The game is quite enjoyable and he and I have played a few multiplayer games even.  The game comes with a full editor which of course I had to try.

I developed the JTCS version map for the Mius river crossing in my EFCO Objective Taganrog scenario over the last two days and I am now working on the OOB and Scenario.

A 2D screen of the map is below.  The game can be played on this map or on a 3D version of the map.

This scenario will feature the recon battalion of the 14th Pz Division (KG von Bassler) v. a Soviet Rifle battalion from the 31st Soviet Rifle division.


Doug Miller said…
This is great Chris! Can't wait to give it a try!
Chris said…
Thanks Doug.I played it through yesterday and realized it could be either one big scenario 20-30 turns in length or 2 small ones of 10-15 turns each. Seizing the village on the west bank, crossing the river and then sweeping the town of Nikolaeva is not easy.

Will post some screens. The map is fun and pretty accurate for the terrain.

The OOBs could use some tweaks. Will need your help with that piece to get balance right.