Command Ops North Africa: El Guettar Map Takes Shape

This map includes new terrain features: wadis, sebkhas, megalithic ruins, palm groves and salt flats.  There are also over 1700 impassable locations by foot.
This is the map I am using for a new fictional what-if scenario that simulates the German 10th Panzer Division arriving early to reinforce the Italian Centauro division at Gafsa, just as the American 1st Infantry division attacks the town.

Historically the Germans arrived after the Italians had fled the town and the American army had secured the oasis of El Guettar to the east of Gafsa.

The OOB for the Americans will include: Darby's Rangers and the 1st Inf "Big Red One" division.

The OOB for the Axis will include: elements of the Italian Centauro division and the German 10th Panzer Division.

Note: I could have gone crazy with the elevations on this map.  The terrain is rugged and the contours are dramatic. Instead I've simplified the elevations with 50m increments. I've also deliberately left off dozens of dry steam beds and dusty, nameless villages.  I believe I've included the key terrain features.


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