"The Lonsdale Force" Screenshot

The Lonsdale Force.
The first Command Ops scenario I tried to create was about The Lonsdale Force at the Battle of Arnhem.  I ended up abandoning it for my Lion Route scenario because the scale was too small and I was worried about a stalemate.

Well I've come full circle and I am now finishing up development on The Lonsdale Force with the CO Platoons units I've been using recently and another small 3 sq km map. Screenshot above.

The battle will take place over a two day period and focus on the KG Spindler's attempt to cut Frost off from 1st Para Bde in Oosterbeek.  The Allies player will be placed in command of the Lonsdale Force (4 shattered battalions held together by Maj. Dickie Lonsdale) as they tackle plenty of tanks and crack SS troops.


Doug Miller said…
That's great news, Chris! This will be great at platoon-scale.
Chris said…
Hi Doug. It's amazing how small the real estate was for this part of the Battle in Arnhem. The Brits got forced into an arrowhead formation from strong German forces on three sides and were gradually driven back. Given the equipment they had it is amazing they were able to hold back the tanks here and at the bridge for as long as they did.