EFCO Platoons: Kekava River Line - Development Screenshots

I am adding Scout Teams and observation posts to the German OOB for this scenario.  Below are some screenshots.  The OP worked reasonably well picking up Soviet units moving behind the cover of a light woods at just over 1km.   The Ops are static 3 man sections with a recon value of 6 .  This map is only half done and is 40sq km with the added woodlands, it will make doubling or tripling the number of OPs necessary.  I am attaching the OPs at a battalion level and imagine they will be a platoon, disbanded and spread along the front of the German line on the eastern bank of the Kekava river.

The OP in the upper right corner picked up the Soviet units on the move.  The line of posts was too far forward and became isolated in the battle. I will move them closer in and test again.

An attack on Kekava is underway by one Soviet rifle coy.  The StuG plt has lost one tank and caused me to reinforce with a platoon and HMG team.  You can see me moving my sniper team closer to the enemy.

Final screen.  The German force took 66 casualties and lost 2 AFVs in the fighting.  The Soviet side suffered 71 casualties.  The battle was between 2 coys on each side and lasted 32 hours.  


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