EFCO Platoons: Kekava Firefight Screenshot

I am running my first playtest of my new Kekava Firefight platoon level scenario.  This scenario takes place on the Riga front in the days leading up to my Fortress Riga campaign.  A German infantry battalion establishes a defensive line along the Kekava river and awaits the Russian onslaught.

German scout teams are forward of the German defensive line.  There is also a line of fixed observation posts.  The remnants of a SS Grenadier coy are retreating towards the German line with the Soviets in pursuit.  The tactical intelligence for this scenario starts out very limited for both sides.  


Ubiquitous said…
Hey CapHillrat: This is the first of your scenarios that I have tried, but it is excellent. Well done!
Chris said…
Thanks Ubi I am glad you like it. It's a little different game with the smaller tactical scale. I think my favorite that I have done at this scale is Crossing the Dnieper 1943.

Btw, there is a company level scale version of Kekava called the "Bridges of Kekava."

You can get Crossing the Dnieper here:


The Bridges at Kekava scenario is here: