EFCO Platoons: Holding Komarovka Screenshot

Komarovka, Estonia was very likely a battlefield in March of 1944 as the Soviet Baltic front attacked the German "Narwa detachment" outside of Narva, Estonia.

Historically, there is a ton of back and forth fighting here between the SS and the Soviets as well as the regular German army.  This weekend, it's been a testing ground for a few things I've wondered about with CO. I made a very small map and scenario below (just 3 sq km)

The "ARTY" counter in the upper-left corner of the map is a static German 7.5cm infantry gun.  It comes on-line during this scenario and its purpose is to simulate off map artillery support for the 4 Coy II SS Bn.
1. I added "off-map" artillery (more like edge of the map) counters that come online during this mission.  I made this particular German infantry gun static and placed it in the corner of a map that won't likely come into play.  The Soviets also have ARTY support for this scenario in a similar position.
2. I added in an Exit objective for the German side.  I've never used one of these before and I have always wondered about them.
3.  There is a static German tiger tank at the start of this scenario in Komarovka.  The tank is "disabled" and part of a Tiger platoon that has come under heavy fire by a company of T-34 tanks.  The remaining mobile Tigers start deployed south of the rail line in the light woods there.
4. I used a timed objective for Komarovka on the German side.   It is supposed to simulate their order to hold the village for 12 hours.  When this order is complete they are issued an exit objective so they can fall in behind the prepared defensive line a few kms to the west.


Doug Miller said…
Chris, this is very much the map scale I think these should be designed for! I think the smaller map size is very appealing and appropriate to platoon-sized units.

For the first time in 25 years I bought a board game the other day. I'm now thinking about this:


which is the same scale as what you're working on. I'm really interested in what you do with this one!
Chris said…

That game looks awesome Doug. Love the Brandenburgers counter.

This scenario was easy to crank out and I like playing it (sped up a little it takes less than an hour). I've tried to play it a few difft ways as the germans and achieved anywhere from a marginal defeat to a decisive victory. The result seems to depend on the fate of the Tigers in the first few hours before the artillery comes online.

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