EFCO Platoons: Holding Komarovka 1944 - Available For Download

German SS flank a Tiger I tank during Operation Barbarossa.
Scenario Background:
The German army is retreating across Estonia to the strong point of Narva and it's medieval fortifications.

At Komarovka, 10kms east of Narva. 4 Coy II Bn of the 47 SS Gren Regt is conducting a reconnaissance in strength with a platoon of Tiger I tanks.  The battalion commander Major Alfons Rebane is leading the probe when they run into the forward elements of a mixed force of Soviet rifle infantry and armor from the 2nd Shock Army...

To download this scenario please click here.

Author's Note:
This does not play like your typical Command Ops scenario.  The map is small (just 3 sq km). To me it resembles an Advanced Squad Leader scenario.  Doug at Cry Havoc and Tim at Ranger X3X played it yesterday and had the best luck after they started micro-managing each individual unit.  I strongly recommend playing it that way. 



Doug Miller said…
This is a cool scenario. It is possible to command from the OOB, as long as you intelligently micro certain assets. I had good luck manually positioning my HMG teams and Tiger platoon to create a base of fire to support my infantry. I was able to command the infantry in a more conventional manner, and pulled off a victory as the Germans.
Chris said…
Good point Doug! For me scenario success as the Germans hinges on the tigers.
Peter Winship said…
Got a marginal vic as Axis. Lost all the Tigers eventually, so couldn't get any armour exit points. In that sense doing well depends on keeping your Tigers alive to exit, I think, but there's not much can be done to keep them alive when the T34s start coming thick and fast. Enjoyed it. I think probably, at this scale, my usual realistic orders delay is too much. Will try it with less orders delay, perhaps.

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