EFCO Platoons: Crossing the Dnieper 1943 Available for Download

German infantry dig in along the higher ground on the west bank of the Dnieper river in Ukraine 1943.
September 24 1943
04:00 hrs

After weeks of resistance on the eastern bank of the Dnieper river, Hitler has grudgingly allowed the withdrawal of the German Army Group South back across the Dnieper river to the series of fortifications along the western bank called the "Eastern Wall."

Under orders from Stalin, the Soviet forces have continued their advance and launch a massive  assault staged on a 300-kilometer front almost simultaneously by four Soviet Fronts. All available means of transport were to be used to bring the attackers to the opposite shore, including small fishing boats and improvised rafts.

On September 24th in the town of Dniprodzerhynsk a bridgehead is established and immediately comes under fierce counterattack by German forces.

Soviet commander:  Establish the bridgehead and hold against the expected counterattack.

German commander:  Repel the Soviet forces and defend the East Wall fortifications in your sector.

*This scenario is semi-historical because of the forces involved.  Both of the units I am using and the composition of each are semi-guesses. Historically, both units were a part of the fighting along the Dnieper and in this area at the time.  A bridgehead across the Dnieper was established in this location on Sept. 24, 1943.  The GE 38th Infantry division was badly mauled and down to a regiment strength at this time.  The 177th was a fresh regiment that had been refitted after Kursk.


****The Scenario file you will need is Crossing the Dnieper 1943.  The map is Dniprodzerzhynsk.  If you have played Charge of the Pioneers (another Platoon level scenario) you will need to use the updated estab file in this folder.

If you need to upgrade up to version .264 you can download it here.

Notes about the map:  

In order to simulate the assault crossing, I have added four ferry locations for Soviet forces.

The map is a trace of a Google Earth map.

I have set every unit to maximum intel except for specialty teams (weapons, snipers, mortars, etc).

I created this scenario because I wanted to simulate a river crossing at the Platoon scale for CO.  This scenario does not include the observation points and scout teams that I have been working on recently.  They will be available in my next scenario.  


Doug Miller said…
Excellent Chris! I'm going to give this a try tomorrow. Really looking forward to it!
Chris said…
Hi Doug! Let me know what you think! It's mostly an infantry battle. It probably needs more vehicles on German side.
Chris said…
Hi Doug. I sent you a message on FB about my new update to this scenario. If you do get a chance to play I would download most recent version.

I've added two rifle companies for soviets, a heavy weapons coy for Germans and reworked all of the unit designations for soviets.