DCCB: Operation Uranus Update

Two turns have elapsed since my last post about the 17th Army. Overall my position in the south has improved. The distance between 1st Panzer and 17th Army is greatly reduced.  I've been removing my air cover from my southern airfields to safer positions in the north.  This concentration of airpower I believe will be important when I attempt to break 6th Army out of the pocket at Stalingrad.

In the South I have also strengthened my fleet in the Black Sea.  However, I failed to do this quickly enough and was unable to prevent a Soviet Battle Group from entering the Straits of Kerch.  This group has interdicted the ferry operations I had planned for my two Romanian mountain divisions that were coming from Sevastopol to reinforce 17th Army.

At Stalingrad, I have been unable to hold my wings against the Soviet counterattack.  The Romanians in the south gave way first.  And a combination of Hungarian and Italian units have given way north and west of Stalingrad.  Rather than try to break 6th Army out immediately I have deliberately formed a hedgehog position.  I am going to await reinforcements much like Paulus did in der Kessel.

The Soviet breakthrough on the 6th Army's northern flank.   I've been requesting reinforcements for OKH for three turns and they've come in the form of emergency Kampfgruppes at Milerovo.  I've managed to form a new line which is better supported than the line running due west from Stalingrad.

The pocket is forming.  My plan is to let the Soviets envelop my position but hold the bridgehead at Chir so I can come to 6th Army's rescue.  I believe that because I know what's coming and I've not had to contend with Hitler's directives like the real commanders on the ground, that I can break 6th Army out when my frontlines are shorter.  1st Panzer's arrival south of the Soviet breakthrough will be key.

That's 17th army on the western edge of the map.  I've blown the bridge at Proladny and hope to slow the Soviet advance down.  I have German Cossack formations screening the retreat to the north.  While not as strong as an armor unit they have good movement bonuses.


Doug Miller said…
Fascinating reading Chris. You inspired me to give this game system another try. I've not played the Operation Uranus scenario. I'm hanging on every post to see how you pull 6th Army out!
Chris said…
Thanks Doug! Going to give another turn a go tonight. Hopefully I can keep 6th army intact until the Panzers arrive.

Saw your Poland post in my feed going to check it out now.

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