DCCB: The German 17th Army's Predicament

The Romanians hold the center.  The easternmost divisions are the only units between the 1st Panzer Army and encirclement.  And the entire army's front has huge holes in it.  

West of the 17th is the Kerch Peninsula.  I've actually positioned submarines off the straits of Kerch to watch for a Russian amphibious move to land troops behind the German lines in the Sea of Azov.  I've also positioned barges here to ferry over two Romanian mountain divisions that I have moving from Sevastopol into a strategic reserve I am setting up for my southern armies.
The strength of 17th Army's position is the key to my saving 1st Panzer Army (and I need 1st Panzer army intact if I have any hope of rescuing the 6th Army).  The 17th Army protects Kerch and Sevastopol beyond but it is largely on it's own, relies too heavily on Romanian forces and is charged with covering great distances which makes reconnaissance of my flanks almost impossible.

I really need to keep a close eye on this sector of my front.

My next post will be about what is going on in the Don River bend and Stalingrad.


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