Command Ops Wish List For The Game Editors

I've created a number of scenarios now and I am beginning to feel like I understand the process. Along the way I've made a few notes about the game and the editor.  Celow are four features I wish I as a scenario designer had access to as part of the editor.

1. The ability to assign unit objectives for reinforcements as part of the scenario creation.  Example: The German player's 336th division is attacking a Soviet 5th Tank Corps formation that has seized Sovchos 79.  The Army Group Don commander (under which the 336th is assigned) orders the reinforcing I Bn 105th PG Regt to assist in the attack but with an objective of cutting off the Soviet units at Sovchos 79 from the Chir River rather than a direct assault.  The Axis player could alter the unit's orders once they appear on map but they might choose to let the attack proceed so they could focus on the 336th assault.

2.  Timed or Triggered Messages:  The triggers could be set up like an objective with a radius ring. When an Axis or Allied unit crossed inside the ring the message would appear inside the message filter.  The "Scenario Message" could be used by a designer to add to the immersion.  It might include Flash messages from the Army commander detailing what is occurring off map.  Or a false intelligence report.   If a triggered message is too hard, what about a timed message. 

3. A detailed briefing screen that could include screenshots of the battlefield with Milsketch arrows designating the tactical plan.

4. In addition to assigning airstrikes I wish you could assign a number of aerial reconnaissance missions available to a player that would help provide better battlefield intelligence.  Delivered at a key moment in the scenario, a detailed reconnaissance might alter a strategic plan dramatically.  With scenarios stretching into days, it seems likely to me this kind of intelligence might be ordered and filter down to a commander on the battlefield, provided there were nearby airfields.


Doug Miller said…
Yes please, to all of the above. I really, really wish more games game me the ability to draw graphic control measures on map like SB Pro PE and to some extend ARMA do. Your point about recon flight is an excellent one, as well.
Erich said…
All excellent and intelligent requests, especially with regards to entering reinforcements having orders to start with (as opposed to just showing up and waiting).

I hope someone at Panther is listening. BTW, I've been playing their old "Fire Brigade" on a Mac emulator but it's damn hard to get the hang of it!
Ubiquitous said…
Two cool features would be: (i) units that have to return to some designated base after a set amount of time, and (ii) units that are (only) allowed to pass over water.

Number (ii) would allow us to make naval units. Numbers (i) and (ii) together would allow us to make air squadrons.

It seems like we could do all sorts of cool stuff then: Battle of Britain; U Boats stalking convoys in the Atlantic; naval blockades; etc.

Another request would be multiple "supreme forces" on one side. It would be great to have (a) cooperative multiplayer, and (b) the player and an AI ally controlling different divisions in the same army as part of some battle.
Chris said…
Thanks for the comments Erich and Ubi!

I think this is one of the best game engines out there and I truly believe it has one of the better editors.