New to Command Ops Platoons: Scout Teams

I've been playing a mix of platoon level combat for CO and Combat Mission Red Thunder.  One of the things I like about Red Thunder is the reconnaissance aspect of the game (something I am learning to do). Nowadays I always cover my advance with scout teams broken off from my squads.  This has kept my casualties down and opened up the battlefield to me.

I want to see how this will work in CO at the Platoon level (specific recon units exist at the Coy level and every unit has a recon value).  So I've created German Scout sections in the editor.  My plan is to attach these 6 man teams to each Coy. In a typical scenario that I build this would add 4-6 extra counters to the battlefield and hopefully open up the map with the additional speed (+1KPH at normal and max values) and higher recon value these units have (I've given them 100% recon value instead of standard 80% for recon troops). I will also adjust their values in the scenario maker giving them greater tenacity, experience and cohesion.

I am going to first add these units into the Dnieper Crossing scenario that I hope to release this week as well as the upcoming "Fastiv" scenario outside of Kiev in 1943.

My hope is that their inclusion will bring the CO Platoons battlefield a little closer to reality.

A look at my German Scout team in the editor.


Doug Miller said…
This is a great ideas Chris! I think this is the sort of thing that's really necessary to use the CO engine at this level.
Chris said…
Thanks Doug! Going to add them in and give it a whirl tonight.