Lost Victories by Erich Von Manstein

General Von Manstein during the 1941 campaign (center of picture).

If you like to read about the Eastern Front and haven't picked up Lost Victories by Erich Von Manstein I highly recommend it.  It is available on Amazon here.

I learned about this book and really about von Manstein during my research for my Command Ops scenarios.  General Manstein commanded the 11th army and led it's offensive along the Sea of Azov into the Crimea.  Objective Taganrog and Across the Tartar Ditch are two of my scenarios set during this period of fighting in 1941.  I also have my upcoming Siege of Sevastopol scenario that will be set in 1941 also and feature Manstein's very successful 11th Army.

This book is fantastic and full of insights to the fighting in the East.