EFCO: Charge of the Pioneers Screenshots

I had some downtime last night and played about 12 hours of in-game time of EFCO: Charge of the Pioneers as the German player.  I played as the Soviet player this morning.

For the base CO game 12 hours isn't very long, as the distances involved are kilometers and not meters, but for the smaller scale tactical game I am playing, it is end to end action.

Scenarios that I create at this level probably won't last more than 12-15 hours based on the 3-4 times that I have played at this scale.

This scenario still has about half of the Soviet OOB missing.  The German OOB is complete.

Final review screen.  I love that the supply units for two of the assaulting GE Inf companies are situated near the depot and the SEP.  The Germans had a 2:1 advantage and my units still held up pretty well.  I lost the Lazur first and then was pushed off of Red October by KG Scheele which returned to that objective with an attack from the south.  

The German attack by KG Scheele pictured above includes a StuGIII platoon.  The German AI player having met fierce resistance at the Red October factory actually bypassed that objective to launch this combined attack on the Lazur objective with a company of Pioneers.

This is from my play through as the Germans.  Using my StuG III platoon in concert with my infantry assaults has been an interesting learning experience.  I am finding they make a great follow-on force here inside the City.  I lead with my HMGs by establishing a base of fire, move my infantry platoons up to seize ground and follow-on with my armor to smash any counter-attacks or resistance. 

Here are the stats after 12 hours of fighting.  Knocking out one of the German StuG IIIs was a real accomplishment.  It happened at the Red October Factory and I had to maneuver 2 AT Rifle teams into close proximity with the tank to do it.  Obviously Omar Bradley wasn't in command here.  That's the last thing I will fix.


Doug Miller said…
This is looking great Chris. I was wondering how well the engine would handle tactical maneuvering at this level, but it seems to be coping well.
Chris said…
Thanks Doug! I will upload this tomorrow for you and Tim to the dropbox account.

I am having a lot of fun at this level of combat. Less things to wprry and plan for and the little victories can be deeply satisfying. To see that I knocked a StuG out with those AT Rifle teams was one of my better gaming moments in awhile.

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