EFCO: Charge of the Pioneers - More Screenshots

Two German Pioneer Coys leave from the shelter of the Workers Quarters west of the Lazur and begin their attack.  To the north off-screen KG Scheele is beginning it's attack on the Red October.

KG Scheele is assaulting a widefront.  The Soviet defense extends from Hall No. 2 in the north of the factory to Hall No. 10 in the South.

1st Coy of the 100th Pioneer Bn is making it's way into the Lazur with units across the railway that marks its western boundary.  To the north you can see that 1 Coy 295 Pioneer Bn has engaged the part of the Soviet line that connects Lazur with Red October.

1 Coy 295 struggles across the No Man's Land. This portion of the Soviet line has a well placed, dug in T-34 that quickly sends them packing.

A StuG III platoon is holding back a Soviet counterattack while KG Scheele regroups behind it.  2 German AFVs were knocked out in this fighting.

As a result of the Soviet counterattack I was forced to withdraw KG Scheele, regroup and then attack again. This time with a new StuGIII platoon.  Meanwhile, the attack in the south has gone well. With a reinforcing Pioneer Coy I was able to take and hold the Lazur.

German losses in guns and AFVs were heavy. I don't understand what happened with the surrender figure. I remember a few sections disbanding but not a mass surrender.

Final screen.  I had a strong position in the Lazur but failed to hold Red October.


Sim Deck said…
Amazing stuff Chris. One day i will master this game. You simply play on a different level than me.
Chris said…
Thanks Phil! I don't know about playing on a different level. I struggle like anyone else with this game!

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