Eastern Front Command Ops: Sniper Teams

A German sniper team at Stalingrad.

As I build out my Operation Hubertus scenario in the editor I've been thinking about the different types of units I need to add.

So far the units I need to complete are:

Soviet Guards Inf Plt
Soviet Anti-tank Team
Soviet AT Gun
Soviet Guards HMG Team
Soviet Guards Coy HQ
Soviet Militia Section - Static
Soviet Naval Infantry Section
German and Soviet Sniper Teams
German AT Gun
German Flamethrower Team 

To create the Sniper Teams for both sides (basically a "section" with two infantry with modified rifles and four infantry as a protection detail), I've decided to model the Mosin Nagant and the Kar 98k accuracy numbers and ranges to account for the telescopic sights and skilled shooters handling the guns. I've increased the range from 500m to 900m and increased the accuracy numbers for each weapon.  I've yet to playtest this but fingers crossed with only a few of these units present at a time the balance in gameplay won't tilt.

My hope is that their inclusion will give players on both sides another tactical choice and a consideration to take into account for movement.  I can imagine the Russian player worried about the German sniper teams positioned on Hill 102 overlooking the No Man's Land between the German lines and the Lazur Factory. 

I ended up removing the 200 and 500 ranges because there were too many fields according the editor.