Eastern Front Command Ops: Fortress Riga 1944 Scenarios Available For Download

Soviet infantry on the offensive in Jelgava Latvia 1944.

In early 1944 the Third Baltic Front of the Soviet Army began it's attack against the northernmost end of the German defensive line near Leningrad.  The Soviet offensive kicked off a long fighting withdrawal by the German army which eventually ended with the German 18th army cutoff on the Courland peninsula west of Riga in Latvia.

One of the most important defensive stands occurred in October of 1944 in Riga along the Daugeva River. Hitler ordered a defense of "Fortress Riga" in the face of three Soviet armies.  The Soviets, lacking armor, relied heavily upon what German commanders were calling in their reports "human wave attacks" against their defensive lines.  Eventually and with great loss the Soviets drove the Germans back.

Fortress Riga 1944 simulates two moments of the fighting for Riga:  the push to seize the vital bridges of Kekava southeast of the the city and the fight into the City proper.

The German armies goal is purely defensive.  For each day they hold their objectives, more soldiers from the 18th army and more sympathetic Latvian refugees escape across the Daugeva to relative safety.

The Soviet Third Baltic Front's objective is to complete an encirclement of the German 18th army.

 The files for the "Bridges of Kekava" scenario and the "To the Daugeva" scenario are available for download here:


I have not patched the game with the most recent hotfixes released by Panther.

If you have trouble loading the scenarios please use the editors to open and then save the EF Estab file, the map file Riga and the two scenario files.  For the map file you will likely need to recreate the map cache file.  Or you can  download beta version 264 here which is what I am using for CO.

I hope you enjoy these scenarios!



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