Eastern Front Command Ops: Fortress Riga 1944 Screenshot

I've resumed work on the the Fortress Riga scenarios. I have one more to go: Fortress Riga 1944.  The base units for this scenario are battalions.  The German OOB can be seen in the screenshot above including their initial placement on the map.  The scenario occurs from Oct. 11-13 1944.


Miguel said…
Hi Chris,

how are you finding the game at Bn level? Anything odd in the unit behavior? I'm wondering how the routines that decide whether a unit presses on the attack - with the objective of overrunning the enemy position - or stop at stand off range and fire work for Bn's, which have much bigger footprints than Coys.
Chris said…
Hi Miguel. I haven't noticed anything odd but to tell you the truth I haven't paid too much attention yet. I started this right before I took my little break from CO and didn't return to it until last night. I plan on doing a run through of the first day tonight. Will let you know if anything pops up. I've actually got another battalion level scenario for Sevastopol in the works also. I started it at the same time but got bogged down by the map, sevastopol is maybe the most complex that i've attempted.
Chris said…
Hi Miguel. Day 1 is in the books. I had a third of the Soviet OOB on the field. Made some headway. I had five airstrikes for the Soviets but didnt inflict any casualties. I will pay attention to that when I playtest again tomorrow. Makes me wonder if thats going to be an unanticipated issue.
Miguel said…
Re: mapping efforts. Not bad at all, that Sevastopol scenario is probably going to be quite interesting.

Re: oddness in unit behavior. Just keep a close look on how the AI develops attacks (routes look okay, attacking units closing in with the defender at a reasonable rate, etc.).

I also wonder about casualty rates in general, if they've changed.

On the other hand, what you should definitely expect is that, for units subordinated to the AI, reactions are somewhat slower. This is due to the situation re-assessment cycles of Bn-sized formations, which is something like 2 hours.
Chris said…
Hi Miguel. I did notice one odd behavior, a Regimental HQ shot out ahead of a it's subordinate battalions in an attack on a German position.

The casualty rates seem right. I have noticed the slower behavior but it hasnt been unreasonable. I will build in an extra day for the scenario to give the Soviet player the time it needs to move into the city and take the objectives.

Playtesting again now. Will post some screenshots hopefully.
Chris said…
Miguel, I played again this morning. This time I added in the Soviet artillery battalions for the 64th Rifle division. The battalions may be too big for the engine. When these units were barraging enemy positions the game seemed to slow. That's my first time using artillery battalions so I will try again tonight and see what happens. No unusual attacks otherwise and the German AI is making what appears to be really good decisions about spacing and its defense of the 5 objectives on the map.
Miguel said…
Thanks for letting me know Chris.

Re: the Arty Bn's - I'll take a look into that when you release the files. I can't think of any reason for that (we've got plenty of German Arty Bn's in Bulge and Greece/Med Packs).

Re: the Regimental HQ. I also need to check that. That happens when the AI decides it is time to have the Reserve to move onto the objective. Sometimes the Reserve, typically the HQ, gets into trouble because the attacking forces have got pinned down short of the objective.

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