Eastern Front Command Ops: The Charge of the Pioneers OOBs

The OOBs are finalized for this scenario:

I've renamed "The Tennis Racket" scenario to "Charge of the Pioneers." The German OOB looks like this: 3 Coys of Pioneers from 2 Pioneer Bns, 2 Platoons of StuG IIIs and a reinforced Coy from the 79th Inf Div KG Scheele with an assortment of supporting artillery. They have two objectives: the Lazur Chemical Factory and eliminating the remaining Soviet resistance in the Red October Factory, clustered around Hall No. 2.

The Soviet OOB is a mix of static worker's militia units clustered around the Red October Factory and the shattered remnants of 2 Soviet Rifle Regts. The Soviets also have static tanks dug into their defensive line around the Lazur. The strength of their defense will be the reinforcements General Chuikov is able to send into the battle from the 62nd Army's HQ further north near the Barrikady factory and the roving teams of snipers which should bog down the advancing German infantry (I've yet to playtest these sections).