Command Ops Update

I am making a break with the Eastern Front for awhile I think. I purchased the CO Greece expansion last night and I am heading west for the Mediterranean.

I am releasing two scenarios from the "Fortress Riga 1944" campaign this afternoon: "Bridges at Kekava" and "To the Daugeva." I will release the third scenario "Brothers of the Sword" next week.

I am also going to push live my two EFCO Platoons scenarios this week:  "Take the bridge" a night attack against the Soviet Mius River line by a reinforced German infantry company in 1941 AND "Charge of the Pioneers" which focuses on the 16 hours of fighting in Nov. of 1942 for the Red October and Lazur objectives of Operation Hubertus inside Stalingrad.

After I leave the Eastern Front, I am headed here:

This is the extreme northern end of the German defensive line of Messina, Sicily.  The 29th PG Division was dug in here and defended against attacks by the US army.  My Platoon level scenario will feature two US infantry battalions attacking the ridge line to open up the coastal highway to Messina in August 1943.