Combat Mission Red Thunder: Village Z Scenario AAR Screenshots

Doug at Cry Havoc has a really challenging scenario for Red Thunder called Village Z that he is developing. He shared the most recent version of it yesterday and my screenshot AAR is below!  When this is released I encourage you to grab it.  It is very challenging as the German player and a great class in combined arms!

Read more at Doug's blog here.
Initial setup.  The village I need to seize is across the map.  

Unwilling to attack the village head on, I send a platoon of Panthers and my infantry support to the right flank.  My plan is to take Hill 515 south of the village.   
The flanking force sets up.
I've divided my forces before an unknown enemy.  I've done very little scouting up until this point and moved into this position after 10 minutes of gameplay.  My goal is to use my speed and firepower to crash up the hill from the south.  I expect Soviet resistance but I get way more than I plan for.
In position south of the hill I've yet to engage the enemy.  On the road to the village, I've pushed a platoon of tanks into line with an open view of the road into the village.

I am taking fire from the hill now. It's lousy with Soviet AT infantry.  My lack of infantry is also starting to tell. I lack the forces to sweep the foxholes I am finding in the thick woods, so I am forced to use my tanks to clear it. I should have hit it with artillery.
About an hour of the battle has lapsed.  I've been so embroiled that I've not paused to grab screenshots until now.  There are 2 tanks in the treeline ahead and they've managed to knock out four of my Panthers so far. I finally moved a platoon of reinforcement Panther tanks into position on their flank and knock both of them out.
Looking down on the village.
Inside the village my infantry finds its mojo.  The level 3 and 4 buildings on the western side make great perches to rain down hell on the Soviet forces inside the village.

The final screen gives you a good window on my organizational madness. I really need to learn how to maneuver my units better.

My first run through was painful with 17 lost tanks! I did seize the South bridge and occupied the Soviet Hill 515 objective.


Doug Miller said…
Great job Chris! Excellent AAR. Thanks for taking it for a spin!
Chris said…
No problem Doug. Running through it a second time today I hope.