Writer Michael Peck reviews John Tiller's Panzer Battles

Michael Peck for "War Is Boring" has reviewed Panzer Battles the latest offering from John Tiller.  I didn't know this about the game and it caught my eye:

"The core of the combat system is morale, which in this game includes not just motivation but also training. High-morale units move faster, enjoy special fire bonuses and are less likely to break under fire. The German panzer divisions are Morale A and Berlin’s regular infantry divisions are Morale B, while the Russians are Morale C and D. So a given German unit will move and shoot more efficiently than its Soviet counterpart and is less likely to break under enemy fire."

That is a neat way to classify units and keep their roles/abilities in a very simple and easy to understand format. Well done John Tiller!

To read the rest of his review click here.


Doug Miller said…
The other part of this is that morale degrades as units move, engage in combat, and take casualties. A "A" morale unit that has fought hard, moved a lot, and taken a number of casualties (particularly from assaults)can end up with a very high fatigue rating and a morale rating that has slipped all the way down to "E." Getting attacked by a fresh "C" unit can cause the badly fatigued unit to then break.

It's a great system when you get your head around how it works. You really have to be aware of the need to rest your troops, keep a reserve of fresh units, and not just attack everywhere at once.

Note that this is the standard Tiller morale system. It functions more or less this way in PzB, Panzer Campaigns, Modern Campaigns, Squad Battles, WWI Campaigns, as well as the JT/HPS Civil War and Napoleonic titles. Its even more or less the same in Ancient Battles, which isn't strictly a JT game.

So, anyway, they're a lot of fun. :-)

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