Eastern Front Command Ops: Brothers of the Sword Scenario Update

II Bn 43 SS Regt moves into a reserve position while the attack on Smizenes and Vaveres to the east commences.

Final screen. The 43rd was retreating back into the City when the scenario ended.
Some additional scenario information:

11 Oct 1944 02:00hrs
Fictional scenario*

About the name: The Brothers of the Sword were a monastic order of knights in Latvia during the Middle Ages.

German resistance on the east bank of the Daugeva is collapsing.  Only a driving rain storm has prevented a Soviet armor brigade from encircling the remaining German units.

The roads leading towards the bridges at Riga Castle and relative safety on the western bank of the Daugeva are clogged with Latvian refugees fleeing the Soviets.

In order to give the tens of thousands of Latvian refugees time to cross the river, 43rd SS Regiment Commander Robert Osis has come up with a daring plan.