21st Century Siege of Sevastopol Ends

I've been reading about General von Manstein's two sieges of Sevastopol in 1941-2 for the past few weeks.  My reading has coincidentally been sandwiched by modern news from Ukraine and the Crimea.  Today, the latest siege of Sevastopol looks to be ending as the Ukrainian government is evacuating its forces from the Crimea.

Ukrainian military personnel evacuate their base under the watchful eye of the pro-Russian militia.


Doug Miller said…
I'm glad they're able to evacuate without coming under attack. I was worried with all the Putin saber-rattling there for awhile the Russians might do something stupid.

Some of those pro-Russian militia are Serbs. Those guys aren't known for their well-considered restraint, ya know?
Chris said…
Hi Doug. I agree. Really dangerous situation. Would probably take just one mistaken order or an aggressive soldier to start a shooting war with two armies on top of each other.

The terrain around Sevastopol is incredible. I actually have half a CO map for it. I considered a scenario there but never finished the map.

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