Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm Pied Piper Scenario AAR Decisive Success

I achieved my first decisive success in the Pied Piper scenario.  My armored and mechanized formations were reduced to just below 50% effectiveness but we inflicted heavy losses in APCs and armor on the advancing Warsaw Pact forces.

My line of defense:

This position about 15km west of the main defensive line was too difficult for the Soviets to penetrate.  Had I moved up on the river line I would have been overwhelmed by the swarms of Soviet infantry and armor.


Doug Miller said…
Excellent job, Chris! That scenario is a bit of a nail-biter in the first half until the Leo 2's come online.
Chris said…
Thanks Doug! Its been a lot of fun so far. I started up Hell in Hameln this morning. A lot tougher starting position.

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