Flashpoint Campaigns: Hell in Hameln Scenario (UPDATED)

After my FCRS Pied Piper scenario success, I decided to stay in the Hameln AO and fight it out for control of this town.

The battle is over 70% complete and I am still clinging to Hameln.  Situation map below:

My artillery in the woods on the east bank of the Weser has helped keep this competitive.  Don't move them out from cover though!
Hopefully I will have the time tomorrow to finish the last two hours.


The final resolution of this battle didn't go in my favor.  With two hours to go, I made no changes to my final battleplan and just watched to make sure my units stayed topped off on supplies and that I had a mix of counter battery fire and on call units from my fire support teams.

Early on I was directing my own artillery fire and neglecting counter battery fire.  This resulted in atrocious losses to my frontline units. Those initial losses and the gradual loss of terrain as I retreated back into Hameln resulted in a marginal loss.  I am happy with it though and looking forward to my next scenario.

The final battle screen.  My units hold Hameln proper but I've had over 100 units fall out or be destroyed.


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