Eastern Front Command Ops: Fortress Riga (1944) Update

The numbered icons represent scenarios during the Fortress Riga campaign between Oct. 9-13.

I  wanted to post this update to preview my latest Command Ops scenario efforts.  I took a different approach with Fortress Riga and it's taking much longer than I planned.  I decided to create a four scenario campaign that recreates the 5 days of fighting for the city of Riga in October of 1944.

The scenarios are as follows:

1. Bridges at Kekava: Oct. 9-10th -- Semi-historical scenario: Soviet forces are chasing after the heels of the retreating German 19th Grenadier SS Division until the Germans turn to fight them at Kekava.

2. To the Daugeva: Oct. 11-12th -- Historical scenario:  The Soviet 54th Army begins its attack against Riga.

3. Brothers of the Sword: Oct 12-13th -- Fictional scenario:  SS officer Roberts Osis offers to lead his regiment in a daring counterattack against a weak point in the Soviet line.

 4. Flight of the 227th: Oct. 12-13th -- Historical scenario:  The German 227th Infantry division must escape encirclement.