Eastern Front Command Ops: Fortress Riga (1944)

As I finish up work on my "Across the Tartar Ditch" scenario I am already thinking about another one because I can't seem to help myself. I think the next scenario I will develop is tentatively called "Fortress Riga."

October 1944:  The German Army of the North is in full retreat passing through Riga en route to the Courland peninsula with up four Soviet armies on it's heels.  Holding back the Red Tide are elements of the Latvian 19th SS division (part of the Latvian Legion), the German 227th Infantry division and the 6th Motorized Anti-Aircraft division.

These three German formations have been ordered by Hitler to hold "Fortress Riga" for as long as possible.

The map I am tracing is below. It looks awesome with tons of decision points for both commanders.  It will be the largest map I've ever drawn.  The battlefield will be just under 250 sq. km.


Miguel said…
That's a nice one Chris :)

BTW, you might be aware that I've looking for help to push forward a big project to cover Korsun. I haven't contacted you because I think that I don't need to distract you :)

You're doing an excellent job, mate, which is very much appreciated :)

Chris said…
Thanks Miguel for your comments! I didn't know about your Korsun project. That's very cool. I know little about the battle but will now read up on it!

I have this Riga scenario that I am preoccupied with right now and I have the Rostov one with 14th Panzer that I still need to finish. but if you need help down, a playtester down the road let me know.

Miguel said…
Sure, you just need to let me know that you're bored :-)

There's plenty of subject matter to cover for 1944, which I think is a low-hanging fruit (the Estab work is half done, and getting the Soviets done isn't *that* hard).
Miguel said…
Another project which I'd like to start sooner or later is about covering the fighting on the left flank of AGC in Typhoon. I've got a very nice map set for that one, and those battles I think will be playing really nice.
Chris said…
Very cool. Well I will definitely let you know! I made some big progress on Riga map last night but I am still a long way off.
Nolito said…
Hey, sorry for my english, but, where i can download the original map in high res that you used to do the map?

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