Eastern Front: Army of the North

The Army of the North is a series of scenarios using my latest map for the Riga AO.  The German 18th army is attempting to prevent encirclement by the Soviet Third Baltic Front as they withdraw to the Courland peninsula northwest of Riga.

So far I have two scenarios I am working on.

Bridges at Kekava: A regiment sized scenario fought SE of Riga during a rainstorm.  The 42nd SS Regt from the 2nd Latvian division turns to fight Soviet armor units as they withdraw west of Riga towards the Courland peninsula.

Fortress Riga:  The Army of the North master scenario with the GE 227th Inf Div, 6th Motorized Flak Div and the 393rd StuG Bde fighting elements of three Soviet divisions.

The finished map.

The German point of view.
Bridges at Kekava.


Doug Miller said…
Chris, you are a beast! I can't believe this map!
Anonymous said…
dear friend!
I'm ulisin from matrix forum.

Great job!
the master scen for riga map will be a masterpiece!

I'm playing Objective Taganrog, and I'll send you my impressions, if you want
Chris said…
Hi Ulisin! Thanks for coming to the blog and leaving a comment. I hope you enjoy Taganrog!

I have another Soviet scenario called Across the Tartar Ditch which I will post this week for download and then the two Riga scenarios.
Phil said…
Amazing stuff with the maps Chris. Very impressive.