Command Ops Eastern Front: Across the Tartar Ditch (1941) Scenario Update

The "Across the Tartar Ditch" scenario map.
Across the Tartar Ditch is my new scenario for Command Ops.  General von Manstein's 11th Army is driving on Sevastopol. The key to to the city is the Perekop Isthmus and the fortified position of the Tartar Ditch (marked on this map as "Rampart" on the isthmus south of Perekop).

German forces include elements of General Oskar-Hansen's LIV Corps (2 infantry divisions) and the 1st SS Panzer Division, supporting engineer and artillery units.

Elements of three rifle divisions from the Soviet 51st army under General Kuznetsov as well as naval infantry stand in the way.

There are a couple of interesting elements to this scenario that are new to me:

- Soviet airpower is dominant, one of the few locations on the Eastern Front in 1941 where the Luftwaffe is soundly outnumbered.

- The threat of a Russian counterattack along the German advance's flank is very real.  Soviet forces to the east of Perekop are massing for a thrust against the Romanian army guarding 11th army's flank and along the Black Sea Coast to the west of Perekop the threat of a naval infantry landing by the Soviets is very real.

-The Tartar ditch fortification is the largest fortified position  I've seen/placed on a map.  There is also a second layer of defense behind the ditch consisting of a elevated embankment running east to west across the isthmus.

-This will be the first scenario where I specify the Commander's stats in the scenario file.  General von Manstein is considered by some to be Hitler's best general and I wanted to see if I could capture that in the game (I have no idea if the editing the commanders stats for aggression, leadership, determination efficiency and judgement make a difference).

My plan is to finish the German OOB tonight and the Soviet OOB tomorrow. Playtest this week and release by the weekend!


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