Upcoming Command Ops Scenarios

I have a number of Eastern Front scenarios I am tinkering with, one to be released today. So I thought I would share the list below.

Richtofen's Gamble: an historical what-if scenario, with German paratroopers dropping on the eastern side of the Volga as the German 6th army attacks Stalingrad.

Objective Taganrog:  The fight for the port of Taganrog on the Sea of Azov.  This is a division v. division sized scenario and will be released today. LAUNCHED

The Perekop Line:  A fight for control of the isthmus approaching Sevastopol.  This scenario covers Erick-Oscar Hanson's LIV Corps as it assaults the 51st Army's prepared positions at Perekop. The Black Death, Soviet Naval Infantry, will make their first appearance in this scenario also.

Rostov or Bust:  The German attack into Rosotov by the 14th Panzer division.

Each of these scenarios, I hope, will be different enough from my previous Stalingrad scenarios that they will be interesting.  I am trying not to become burned out on the scenario creation process so my plan is to push out Taganrog today and Richtofen's Gamble later this month.  The final two scenarios will be in March.

So far the seven scenarios I have created for Command Ops( Race to the Volga, Hubertus, The Lion Route, Arnaville Bridgehead, Fight for Best, Piercing the Gothic Line and the Battle for Champs) have been downloaded almost 700 times. I hope each has been different and fun.  I also hope you find them challenging.