Eastern Front Command Ops: Objective Taganrog Scenario Preview

A screenshot of the final situation map for a new division sized scenario called "Objective Taganrog." Lead the German 14th Panzer Division or the Soviet 31st Rifle Division in this Oct. 1941 clash just outside of Rostov-on-Don. Scenario to be released this week.

I took a little detour south from Stalingrad over the weekend to the Sea of Azov and the German attack on Rostov-on-Don in the fall of 1941.  "Objective Taganrog" is the first of two scenarios that will follow the German 14th Panzer division in the final Army Group South movement that seizes Rostov-on-Don.

More to follow...


Miguel said…
Hi Chris,

that was quick, mate :-)

Just one comment on the map. The areas where you find that kind of grid-like road network are usually wheat, barley or other cereal fields. Modelling those would involve:

1) Overwriting an existing layer - I'd say that Polder can be used for that.

2) I'm setting the 'Height' parameter to 1 meter (to account for waist-high concealment. I'm also reducing visibility for infantry in that terrain, and reducing mobility of motorized units in them.

Other than that, excellent job!
Chris said…
Hah! Thanks for your help Miquel unlocking the bitmap secret :)

Very cool suggestions. Thank you. I will make those changes. Very neat!

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